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We build community in Bethpage

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     The mission of the Bethpage Chamber of Commerce is to improve the business climate and the quality of life for all the residents and business owners of Bethpage. The Chamber meets monthly to network and plan events and activities that will benefit our mission.
     We are happy to have formed wonderful alliances with business leaders, trade associations, other local chambers, government agencies and civic officials to accomplish our goals as well as to help serve our community.
    The Bethpage Chamber of Commerce has something to offer large, medium and small businesses and also invites residents to join our association. We are committed to the community of Bethpage and it is our feeling that together we can make our community and our business district the best it can possibly be.
     It is our hope that you will choose to join us! Our meetings are typically an hour or so and we are sure you will find our members to be friendly, savvy and dedicated to the success of not only business in Bethpage but also to the entire community!
   Plainly put, we may not be the biggest Chamber of Commerce...but we have the biggest heart!

Joining the Bethpage Chamber of Commerce has many advantages:
* Helps members to promote their business throughout the community

   and beyond!

* Promote your business on both the Bethpage Chamber website and 

  network via social media on the Bethpage Chamber Facebook page.

* Holds special events, including festivals, holiday lighting, and  

   networking events to give you the opportunity to showcase

   your merchandise or service!
* Serves as a liason for the business community and local government!
* Invests in the economic growth and the development of Bethpage!
* Provides the opportunity to do business with other members and their

* Establishes a strong relationship with the residents of our communty!
* Offers students the opportunity to become involved in the

   Bethpage Chamber of Commerce Junior League.